Apps Like ShowBox [Alternative to Watch & Stream Movies Online]

Are you the one who loves to surf online movies, if the answer is yes then think about the app which comes to your mind whenever you think of surfing movies and other stuff online, is your answer Showbox, if yes then you might be facing issues of low servers on the app and if you are facing the issue and you want to get rid of this issue then its time to change your app and switch to some other app which provides you with your stuff in the way you expect an app to.

If you are also looking for some better app then don’t worry we have done the job for you,

Here we have curated for you, not one, two but twelve apps for you which are better Showbox and could meet your expectations of an app.

Apps Like ShowBox  [Alternative to Watch & Stream Movies Online]

#1. Cinema box

If you are looking for an app which allows you to stream the movies offline then you can go for this app, this is one of the top apps which you can switch to from showbox, it runs on both I phone and Android devices and also supports other devices like the chromecast. Although it is not available on play store you can still get this app in your devices through google.

#2. Mega box HD

If you are the one who is not having a lot of storage available on the device but still want to surf online content using an app then we have something for you as well, this app is the one you were looking for. The app comes in size of 1.8MB only so you don’t need to worry a lot about your device storage warning plus you can stream your movies at 360 or 720p. Movies in the app are listed according to a genre which makes it easy to search the movie.

#3. Bobby movie box

Are you looking for an app which allows you to surf TV movies and TV shows at your convenience then here is the one for you, this is one of the apps available on I tunes and it gets updated with new features very often, you can also watch movies in HD on this app.

#4. Free flix

This is one of the top apps for you then take a look at this one, this app allows you to stream old and new TV shows and movies for free, the app provides you with a lot of options to download your stuff. It is compatible with almost all the devices be it Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows, and Firestick so you don’t need to worry about the type of device you are holding.

#5. Flipps HD

If you are looking for an app which is a little more than just surfing movies and shows then this one is definitely for you, this app allows you to watch movies on your device as well as your TV and along with this you can also watch viral videos and listen to your favourite music. you can download the movies through this app and guess what? this app is available on google play store so don’t wait much and go get it.

#6. Crackle

Aren’t you that much good with using apps having complex interface and looking for an app which is easy to use and at the same time could help you to get your content at your ease and comfort then here is the one for you, using this app you can surf for online movies and shows easily, although you cannot download the content still you should try it. you can get this app on google play store and I tune as well.

#7. Hubi

 Are you the one who is looking for an app which along with allowing you to surf movies on web also allows you to surf all the TV channels and access all other videos available there, if your answer is yes then this one is for you, this app allows you to do all this and that too at free (although the free version shows you some advertisements you can get rid of them just by paying a fees). you can get this app on google play store.

#8. Stromlo

This is one of the apps which allow you to manage multiple video platforms through one point only, yes you read it right using this app you can operate your YouTube, Netflix, I tune etc. You just need to aggregate the addon for the service you have subscribed and that’s all.

#9. Big star movies

This one justifies its name as it is already a big star among people like you, it has been downloaded by more than a million people. this one allows you to surf movies and documentaries which are foreign in nature, it is a free app so you don’t need to worry much, but the free version doesn’t allow you the access to the full list of movies and you need to pay a nominal fee to get the full access. you can get this app on I tunes.

#10. Tubi Tv

This one is available only for android 4.0.4 or higher versions and you can download the movies listed according to their genres on this app. you can easily get this app from google play store (it has got more than a million downloads on play store).

#11. Popcorn flix

This app comes with more than 700 movies which you can choose from plus this app keeps on adding new movies in the list so you don’t need to worry that how you will get new movies and all this is offered at no cost, so go and download it for you.

#12. Newest movie HD

Now this one is for android users only as it is available only for Android devices, you can surf your content using this app at no cost, you can also save your content to your device and watch it later, you can get the IMDB ratings of the movies and you can watch the movies in the quality of your choice.


The above were the apps which we curated for you as an alternative to showbox app so do enjoy your content and thank us later.

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