Vodafone Balance Transfer Number Codes [TalkTime + Data Internet] Apr, 2019

Vodafone Balance Transfer is the way to send TalkTime balance or Internet balance to another number with the same network. It is a very simple process which most of the people do daily because most of the time they have to send the balance to their loved ones to get more and more talktime balance.

If you are one of those who takes their friends mobile and just use this Vodafone balance transfer then this method will work for you too. 😉

Suppose you don’t have balance in your vodafone number, and you don’t have the balance to transfer either, in that case, you can take Vodafone Loan as it will help you to get your balance.

All you have to do is just follow the procedure and use Vodafone balance transfer process in order to send Vodafone balance. Most of the New Users are seeking that what the hell is that Vodafone Balance transfer? I know their curiosity. That is why I am here to tell you all thing from scratch.

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  • Vodafone Balance Transfer Process: Method 2

  • Just Head to your Message Display and Dial this Number: *111*3#
  • You can Select Share TalkTime Vodafone to balance transfer So Type number and Send it.
  • You will enter the All of the Required Information.
  • You are all set. You Effectively initiated Vodafone Balance Transfer easily.

What is Vodafone Balance Transfer?

If you have too much balance in one of the mobile numbers and you want to send rest of the Vodafone balance to Vodafone another number. That is when we use Vodafone balance Transfer in order to maintain balance and use it form another sim.

There are many services in which we can even transfer the Internet surfing Data As well.

Conditions to Use Vodafone Balance Transfer

  • If you are Using Vodafone then you can only be able to send the balance to other Vodafone Number.
  • Vodafone Balance Transfer can be initiated from Rs 5 to Rs 40 Once at a time.
  • Vodafone Number should be 3 months Old.
  • Receiver Vodafone number should be 1 month Old.
  • You will be Charged for using this service.
  • You can use this service 5 times a Day and 150 times a Month.

You are good to go. You Successfully initiated Vodafone Balance Transfer with Ease.

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Have a Nice Day 🙂

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