Telenor 2G/3G/4G GPRS Internet settings SMS [APN Setting] Jan, 2019

Telenor Sim is from Telenor company and that company is not ruling Indian market. However, they cannot able to make a profit for their company because they are competing with Jio.  Internet is very important for every Indian network sim. So, I am here to give you Telenor Internet settings so that it will be good for you to use internet.

Its Name is pretty interesting. If you are living somewhere and only you get Telenor towers then you must be using Telenor for your smartphone. So it will be very important for you to use internet only from Telenor. That is the main reason I am here to give you Telenor internet settings.

What is the Internet GPRS Settings?

Basically, they have a wireless system with some sort of code in it. So if someone wants to have better internet settings then they will need a proper access code for their network area. With the help of this access code they can able to use internet with the help of internet settings.

I can write thousands of words. However, I don’t want to waste your time. that’s why I will keep it short and simple.

How to Get Telenor Internet GPRS Settings for your Mobile

Now you have understood more about internet settings. It’s time to get your Telenor Internet settings so that you can easily able to use internet on your smartphone without any problem.

Method 1: Get Telenor Internet GPRS Settings

All you have to do is just Send an SMS ALL to 58355

It is very easy to get Telenor Internet Settings.

Isn’t it??

Now I will tell you how you can configure Telenor settings according to your need. If you want.

Method 2: Configure Telenor Internet GPRS Settings

Telenor Internet Settings Values
Name Telenor Internet
APN telenorbg
Proxy Not Set
Port Not Set
Username Not Set
Password Not Set
Server Not Set
MMSC Not Set
MMS Proxy Not Set
MCC* 404
MNC* 10
Authentication type None
APN type Default,supl
APN Protocol IPv4
Bearer Unspecified

See it is very easy to configure or get Telenor internet settings. If you are having any problem while making these Telenor gprs settings then you can comment below.

Have a Nice Day! 🙂

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