MTNL Ussd Codes List [3G] May, 2019 (Check Net Balance, Offers, Data Usage)

MTNL is just like BSNL they are subsidiary to each other. However, MTNL is not famous as BSNL because they don’t advertise their network too often but many people get good networks and low call rates that’s why they own MTNL SIM.

Owning MTNL SIM? With the help of MTNL ussd codes, you can able to find your own number, that’s why they need MTNL Ussd Codes to check balance, MTNL Net Balance, Last call details, MTNL offers, MTNL Net Offers, MTNL Recharge code, MTNL talktime transfer and much more.

Common MTNL USSD Codes for MTNL Balance Check

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MTNL Ussd Codes FunctionsMTNL Ussd Codes
MTNL net balance check Codes*446#
MTNL Minutes balance check Ussd codes*446#
MTNL balance check codes*444# or *123#
MTNL Number Check Codes*8888#
MTNL SMS balance check codes*446#

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MTNL USSD Codes with Last Call, Recharge, Tariff, (MTNL Balance check), DND, Port

MTNL Ussd Codes FuncitionsMTNL Ussd Codes
 MTNL Political updates Codes *315*1*2#
 MTNL gup-shup in Bollywood Codes *315*2#
 MTNL News Pack Codes *315*1#
 MTNL Breaking news pack Codes *315*1*1#
 MTNL Astrology pack Codes *315*3#
 MTNL latest Sports updates Codes *315*1*3#
MTNL Email ID  [email protected]
MTNL Internet Balance Check Codes*446#
MTNL Minute balance check codes*446#
MTNL DND Activation SMSSMS START 0 to 1909
MTNL Port MNPSMS PORT <your phone number> to 1900
MTNL Internet Settings
MTNL Loan Number
MTNL Balance Transfer

Important MTNL USSD Codes for SMS, Minutes, Video Call, Internet (GPRS) Balance Check

MTNL Ussd Codes FunctionsMTNL Ussd Codes
MTNL Customer Care Number1503
1800111503 toll-free
MTNL Recharge Number9868199900
MTNL current STV plan Check Codes*111*2#
MTNL Missed Call Alert SMS SMS SUB MCA to 50101
MTNL General Info. GSM1503 toll-free
1800111503 toll-free
MTNL General Info. CDMA1502 toll-free
1800111502 toll-free
MTNL Customer Care Number CDMA1502 toll-free
1800111502 toll-free
MTNL Email ID [email protected]
MTNL Missed Call Alert Deactivate SMSSMS UNSUB MCA to 5010100
MTNL 3G Internet Balance Check Codes*446#
MTNL Minute balance check codes*446#

What are USSD Codes?

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), sometimes referred to as “Quick Codes” or “Feature codes”, is a protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the service provider’s computers. USSD can be used for WAP browsing, prepaid callback service, mobile-money services, location-based content services, menu-based information services, and as part of configuring the phone on the network.

USSD messages are up to 182 alphanumeric characters long. Unlike Short Message Service (SMS) messages, USSD messages create a real-time connection during a USSD session. The connection remains open, allowing a two-way exchange of a sequence of data. This makes USSD more responsive than services that use SMS. ~ Source Wikipedia

These were the MTNL ussd codes, if any of the above MTNL Ussd Codes are not working then feel free to comment below.

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