#8 Best Free RingTones Apps For Android Mar, 2019

The device you hold plays a very important role in defining your fashion statement and more than the device you hold the thing which matters is how your device sounds i.e. what ringtone it has.

Gone are the days when we had some limited choice to decide how our device will sound and we used to satisfy ourselves with just some limited ringtones provided by our mobile manufacturer. This is 21st century and the world has moved on and now we can create our own ringtones using our own music gallery, using our android device and all we need to do it is just a ringtone app.

But in this age of the internet, there are a plethora of apps available out there providing you with the ease to create your own ringtones but not every app is the best fit for you. so here we are providing you with top 8 android ringtone apps.

Best Free RingTone Apps For Android

#1. MTP Ringtones and wallpapers:

As the name suggests this app is all about ringtones and wallpapers. this is a very good app which allows you to create your own ringtone using your music files and it also allows you to change your wallpapers and along with all this it also allows you to set alarm (with your own tone), notification tones (once again tone is yours), and doing all this is pretty simple, just download the app and enjoy your tone.

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#2. Zedge:

This is once again a multipurpose app allowing you to create your own ringtones, changing wallpaper themes as per your personality, and also to fix the notification and alarm tones as well.

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#3. Mp3 cutter and ringtone maker:

The name says it all, using this app you can have the comfort of creating your own ringtone using your favourite part of your favourite song, and along with this you can use your personal recordings as well to create your own ringtones. you must have seen this app on play store but if you have not used it till now then it is the time to give it a try.

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#4. Audiko:

This ringtone app allows you to create your own ringtones using your own music gallery. you can customize your ringtones easily whenever you wish to, so if you are a kind of lady or a guy who keeps on changing his/her taste then this app is a must use for you.

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#5. Ringroid:

Ringroid on your android (sounds great ya). This is a source ringtone application which allows you to make your ringtones using your favourite music. you can get this app for free, although it has some minor bugs and fixes in it but if it works good for you can enjoy your ringtones using ringroid in your android.

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#6. Cellsea:

When it is about ringtones then this app is just like any ringtone app i.e. it allows you to create your own ringtones, manage wallpapers, but why we are suggesting you this app is because of the edge which it enjoys over other apps in the list, the point is that this app supports multiple audio formats like: MP3, WAV, AMR, 3GPP, AAC, and MP4 as well.

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#7. Ringtone maker:

Once again the name is enough, this app is all about ringtone making but when it is about making ringtones like a pro then this should be the one of your choice it could make you stand out of the crowd as this app allows you to create your own ringtone segments, it has the feature to cut and paste and create the ringtone, and along with all this it has the feature allowing you to fade in and fade out the music in your ringtone. This app is very simple to use as well so you can enjoy your ringtones without too much efforts.

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#8. Zen ringtones:

this app has all the features of a ringtone app but the reason for which it has made it to our list is that it comes with 95 Zen ringtones so you can easily search through a wide variety of ringtones and along with this you can set the alarm and reminders so that you can enjoy your day without caring about next moment and you can do all this with a simple interface which this app comes with.

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So these were the apps which you can consider while deciding your ringtone app. So do use these apps as per your choice and comfort and feel free to thank us later.

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