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I know you are bit surprised that is why you came here.

I don’t want to do this, but it is important for my mom.

First I would like to tell the Cause why this blog is dedicated to My MOM.

Her both kidneys have failed, She is in the urgent need of Kidney Transplant within a Year.

As I belong from middle-class family I can’t afford that much money.

And my previous business partner cheated me by taking all the money and my business as well.

I am in the urgent need of hefty amount around 20 – 25 lakhs. Because kidney treatment is hell lot expensive for the middle-class family. We don’t have a kidney donor as well.

My father earns Rs 30k per month, of which Rs 18k is Spent on my Mom’s Dialysis.

Dialysis is happening 2 times weekly. She is alive only on Dialysis.

Even We don’t have enough money to support dialysis.

I don’t wanna see her dying just because we didn’t have money.

I am working my ass off on this blog so that I can generate the Good amount of money and get my mom’s kidneys transplanted.

Right Now it is not making that much income. So if you are someone who has enough money than your needs.

If you like my work only then you can Donate a small amount to me, and I will keep that money for my mom’s donation. I and my family will be grateful to you.

After that, if you need any kind of help regarding SEO or anything in wordpress I will tell you everything.

If you think this is all cooked up or fake story then You can mail me at [email protected] I will give you my personal number their I will show all the proofs and documents of doctors.

For Donation Mail me here: [email protected]

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