Opera Mini Handler Handler Airtel Download Supported 2019

If you are also tired of paying a huge amount of money from Airtel. Then I have tricks of Opera Mini Handler with the help of this Opera Mini handler we can able to use free internet.

Most of the New Users don’t know about Opera Mini handler.

What is Opera Mini Handler?

Opera Mini handler is an app. With the help of this app you can do anything it will mimic any browser and it will make you anonymous in the websites as well.

It is Moded by some of the great coders they make it for us. So that we can use it for anonymous and use it for free internet as well of course.

Airtel Opera Mini Handler Prepare

  • For Using Airtel Opera Mini Handler tricks your balance should be 0
  • You should have an Android phone.
  • You will Get 3G/4G Speed.
  • It Supports Download from pause and Resume Sites.

Airtel Opera Mini Handler Download

Download Now

How to configure for Airtel Opera Mini Handler Tricks

  • Just Download Opera Mini Handler App.
  • Open that App.
  • Scroll Down and Find Proxy Type
  • Select Real Host
  • Enter buddies.airtelmoney.in to proxy server
  • Click Save Option

Few Things to Note While Using Opera Mini Handler

  • Never Download the file above 50MB.
  • Use it only for surfing. It is very Fast You Know?

If you are having any query then you can comment below I will help you to set up this.

Have a Nice Day! 🙂

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